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Newport Foodies Blog

Liza Jane’s Gourmet Food Products, Inc. is proud to announce our founder's blog.

Lisa Nelson, our CEO, is still responsible for creating our fresh, healthy recipes that are sold commercially to homes across the United States; however, when not at work she loves to create zesty, home-cooked meals that utilize fresh ingredients from her local fisheries, growers and markets.  It is this love that led her to the idea of starting:

"Newport Foodies"


"Woodlands Foodies"


Newport Foodies is a blog where foodies living in Newport Beach, CA and the Woodlands, TX can find a myriad of simple, easy to follow recipes to plate impressive fresh dishes while at the same time take pride in supporting and building relationships with their local vendors.

Lisa hopes that her recipe development experience and love of creating fresh recipes made with locally grown foods may inspire foodies from around the world to turn their homes into healthy gourmet kitchens that will also support their local growers and shops.

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